“If I need help going to the bathroom, and I can’t get it, it’s just like there is no bathroom.”

Judy Heumann joins Michael and Holly to discuss personal assistance services. In this episode, you'll get the history of the independent living movement from someone who helped shape it. You'll also learn how in-home care is different from nursing homes and adult foster care. Listen in as Judy offers insight and advice for future generations of advocates.

For the resources and links mentioned in this episode, please visit: https://gtindependence.com/episode-01-personal-assistance-services-with-judy-heumann/

Welcome to the Disability Garrison podcast! Meet our hosts, Holly Carmichael and Michael Murray, and hear a quick overview of how the show works. You’ll also learn why the idea of a garrison is a powerful analogy to the disability rights movement. Finally, Michael and Holly will share their goals for the Disability Garrison and talk about how they’re excited to connect with you–and other powerful advocates–through this podcast.

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